Tuesday, December 05, 2006

With and Without

I watch the mountains change, light

and shadow painting new lines on the rock faces,

ridges appearing where none were visible, others disappearing

into the bright.  Snow melts, stains the heath dark,

dries again and freezes shiny.  Poppies open and sway

in the breeze, sometimes bending double.

The air sweetens and softens, then hardens

again.  Magpies shadow the poppies and hawks circle.

Even an eagle.  My skin warms and cools; my hair blows

across my face and then hangs limp.  Aspens turn yellow,

orange and gold.  Leaves

drift down, snow falls, and the rock remains.

Sometime, I hurry best by going slowly,

but worry that my life is hurtling toward a day

without mountains.  As I lean to drink

from spring-fed pools, I watch

lines move into my face, lines that shadows deepen

and light cannot erase.




Mary Stebbins Taitt

For Keith and Pam

941003 Colorado, 061205Vc

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