Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting Ahead, for NaPoWriMo

Happy Easter!

For the NaPoWriMo Challenge, for "Found Poem," for national poetry month at ReadWritePoem:

Getting Ahead, Found Poem with Canyon Bob

When I finally start getting ahead, disaster strikes.
Today it's the sewer line, the trees growing
into it, the basement flooded. My sister
wants to sell my mother's house. But who wants
a flooded basement? I'm still living
in my Mom's house after all these years.
With her gone, it feels like my house.
Maybe I should leave the basement flooded
so it won't sell, been in the family for generations,
but who wants that wretched sewer smell
and I'd probably fall in and drown. Sorry
to bother you. Do I smell bad? It's that stupid sewer,
oh, and alcohol, probably. I'm not an alcoholic,
but that that f-ing Roger next door gets me going.
Look, he drove on my lawn and tore up the grass.
My mother was a wonderful woman, but she slapped
me once for using the f-word and that f-ing Roger
wrote a note about my trees in his sewer, that's why
he was on the lawn, taking down his trees,
ashes they were, fire trees, and he wrote me a note
with the f-word and my sisters saw it; my poor sisters.
He didn't have to do that. I still try to protect them,
though I came seventeen years after my youngest sister.
They took Mom to the hospital, thought she had a tumor.
I was the tumor. Roger's Dad said she was too old
to be pregnant, to have me, but she did anyway.
He asked my Mom, "aren't you ashamed?" she said,
"no, I'm married." I know you gotta go, sorry
to bother you. But I'm not an accident or a mistake.
And I'm not an alcoholic. Smell like it, don't I?
No, I'm no mistake; I'm an unexpected pleasure.
And I'm not an alcoholic; alcoholics go to meetings.
I'm just a drunk.

Mary Stebbins Taitt
A "found poem" (captured "rant" from Canyon Bob)
090412-1128-2a, 090411-2341-1c, 090411-1704-1st

This is a "found poem" of sorts, from a "rant" by "Canyon Bob." I have used his words as I recall them and arranged them into this poem. Should I be concerned about appropriating his material or life? Anyone? Do I have the right to do this? And can I call it "mine?"

If I write any edits or revisions, I will post them ABOVE so the newest version is always at the top.

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