Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tangled Hair

Tangled Hair

With a certain desperation,
I eat, shower and dress
each morning, pretending
to be a real person, pretending
to have a job. If I start a poem or story
or begin work on a novel or painting
before I am dressed, I might be in my pajamas
when the real worker comes home.
He might think me lazy, shiftless.

My work seems so peripheral,
so unappreciated
in the larger world. No one cares
about the poetry, stories, or art
of an unknown artist.
My work sloughs onto the floor and vanishes
and I am left
an untidy housewife in an untidy house.

Thus, I dress, if I am stubborn or lucky,
and comb my hair
before I peer through the door
to see if the muse waits
with an apple
or poisoned apple
or shotgun
to tempt or slay me.

Sometimes, however, the muse is on me
before I rise.
She grabs me by the throat
and stuffs me with tenuous
but unshakable visions
and sits on my until, in pajamas
and tangled hair, I write
or paint

or exhaust myself into the impossible hours
trying to catch the ephemeral
the wraith of vision, held out
and snatched back. The muse teases,
hiding and reappearing.
I feel like a blacksmith
trying with a sledge hammer
to nail a moonbeam
to a gossamer strand.

Mary Stebbins Taitt
3/20/2007, 070320-1d
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Katie said...

Nice poem. I love the perspective on the photograph.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Katie and both counts! :-D Mary :-D

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

Ah! ...left the untidy housewife in the untidy house...I know that feeling all too well. we may still be in pajamas when they come home, but we have worked just as hard as the ones punching a time clock. our work comes from the soul, which if you ask me is harder work yet. I love your vision. I love your imagery! I proud to say that I am hooked on Mary Stebbins-Taitt!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Thanks. I am really honored.

Really really honored. THANKS!