Thursday, June 08, 2006

Drink (Another Love Poem)

Reimagining our meeting:



Falling rain and the thunder of cataract—dripping shadows

blue from the depths of the gorge, you appear beside me.  Down

of thistles, wet leaves and grass slip over us, chiffon and silk. 

We taste ribbons of water.  The cracked light of first words


shines on your tongue.  Our fingers, whole arms, dip

through transparent layers, solid gone liquid, everything flowing, shining. Luminous, translucent, you shimmer in and out of focus.  See

how you mirror me.  I believe we are twins.  Though you


are new, I imagine we will marry.  I will be the riverbed

and you the river.  I hold this cup of longing

Toward you, overflowing, and you lean toward me to drink.

Light falls and falls from the sky.



Mary Stebbins

For Keith

060606 a varient on Take Two

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